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New Schwag

My nephew Justin in New Orleans absolutely loves our soap and graciously offered to give out cards to spread the word. We had some business cards with an old logo, but we still don't think of this as a business. Instead we decided to make up some square cards.

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Two Weeks So Far... And Goats!

Well it's been two weeks on Shopify, and all is well so far. Our primary concerns had been the basic functionality of the store, and customers actually finding the site. We received a few orders within a few hours of the relaunch, and they've been steady and normal since, soothing both concerns. 

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Completely unrelated to soaping... Handmade Bamboo Furniture

Youtube Haiku:

Well trained feed A.I. 
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Hours of great joy


This showed up in my feed today: 


We've moved in!

Long story short, after 5 years almost to the day, we outgrew Etsy, and here we are on a new platform. I'll get into reasons why we've moved in future blog posts.

On that matter, I plan on blogging about a lot of back-office subjects, like how I put the site together or how the graphics were made. I've been helping friends, family, and clients put together website and e-commerce systems for years, and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned.

Meanwhile, Deb will be blogging about the more important part of what we do: the soap making. To date she's made thousands of bars, researching and using techniques from all over the world, and experimenting with a wide range of ingredients, fragrances, and add-ins.

We'll also post the occasional pic of the deer that ventures into our yard, pictures of our dog, or any anything else that's fun.