Two Weeks So Far... And Goats!

Well it's been two weeks on Shopify, and all is well so far. Our primary concerns had been the basic functionality of the store, and customers actually finding the site. We received a few orders within a few hours of the relaunch, and they've been steady and normal since, soothing both concerns. 

Deb spent part of the weekend making new soaps and bath fizzies: 

Meanwhile I started an outline for a future blog article that's going to detail the steps to take in order to move an Etsy soap shop to Shopify. 

Even though we both enjoy more work as a break from work, we still need a bit of relaxation. This weekend it binge-watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (the good one from England where they don't bleep the swears), and goats.


A few weeks ago a friend had posted pictures on social media of him and his wife hanging out with some goats on a local farm, Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington. It looked pretty fun, so we signed up. The fee was nominal ($15 per person), which afforded us an hour and a half to hang out with the goats in a group of about 20 people.

Goat Literally Eating Out Of Debs Hand

We discovered they make handmade soap there. They encourage (insist) everyone washes their hands after handling the goats, so we had a chance to try some out. Great scent and lather!


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