New Schwag

New cardsMy nephew Justin in New Orleans absolutely loves our soap and graciously offered to give out cards to spread the word. We had some business cards with an old logo, but we still don't think of this as a business. Instead we decided to make up some square cards.

Vistaprint had a decent deal on 2.5" square cards. I scoured hundreds of reviews, most were pretty positive. The negative reviews were especially interesting. The common complaint was about the quality, but in fact were design issues. For example: text too small to read, or the design being out of alignment. 

Learning from the negative experiences, I set out on the design. For the background I stuck to light colors to avoid any ghosting from a solid dark background, and decided against a box border that would easily show off even a slight cut misalignment. I also chose PDF as an upload format (making sure the fonts were included), letting their systems rasterize the graphics, which would in theory preserve the original vector art and avoid any artwork resolution issues.

It took less than a week for them to arrive. They came well packaged and were flawless. Before embarked on this we had ordered their free card sample kit, and settled on premium matte paper, which was a few dollars more, but well worth it.

mousepad and mugDuring checkout we were offered many products to go with the cards. We're suckers for this kind of stuff, and it took great restraint to settle on only two things: a mug and mouse pad. Both looked great. 

As much as I tout "buy local," there are some things that just make sense to buy online inexpensively. This is definitely one of them.

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