Pumice Soaps

Pumice is very light and porous volcanic rock. These soaps contain a large ratio of pumice, which creates very gentle but confident exfoliation for heels and feet. 

They're perfect for use as an overall skin cleansing, body-brushing, and exfoliation routine. The pumice is very gentle on the skin, so safe to use wherever you like. I also love these in the kitchen to help get greasy hands clean. 

We've also had great success treating poison ivy immediately after exposure. Poison ivy is an invisible grease that needs to be scrubbed off as soon as it comes in contact with the skin. In our experience, scrubbing with pumice nearly eliminated the contaminate.  

Men, if you've ever used Lava soap, it's just like that (only a much better soap base). It will take off the the worst garage grease you can imagine, as well as other materials like Sharpie marks. It's great to exfoliate your scalp for the head-shavers.