We've moved in!

Long story short, after 5 years almost to the day, we outgrew Etsy, and here we are on a new platform. I'll get into reasons why we've moved in future blog posts.

On that matter, I plan on blogging about a lot of back-office subjects, like how I put the site together or how the graphics were made. I've been helping friends, family, and clients put together website and e-commerce systems for years, and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned.

Meanwhile, Deb will be blogging about the more important part of what we do: the soap making. To date she's made thousands of bars, researching and using techniques from all over the world, and experimenting with a wide range of ingredients, fragrances, and add-ins.

We'll also post the occasional pic of the deer that ventures into our yard, pictures of our dog, or any anything else that's fun.


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