The Strange Year

The Strange Year

We are fortunate and grateful that our lives have been largely unchanged other than some inconveniences and precautions.

We both already work from home in our full-time jobs, so we're no stranger to working remotely and all the related challenges. Deb works for a hospital where they've had to cut back hours a little. Like most hospitals, they are losing a lot of income with people avoiding elective surgery. Everyone is optimistic that the furlough situation will change this summer. 

On the soap making side of our lives, other than dealing with supply shortages and limiting trips to the post office, not much has changed there either. If anything, we've had more free time, which is a blessing since demand for our handmade soap has increased, even before appearing in our local newspaper. 

Several weeks ago a journalist from our town's newspaper reached out to us looking to do a piece on local businesses dealing with the health crisis. We had a pleasant, socially distant interview, and a few weeks later, opened the paper to find ourselves on the second page.

Soon after we received many orders locals, most of which asked if I could deliver the soaps. I was happy to oblige and deliver them, in a safe manner of course. Not only was it saving money on shipping and getting the soaps into people's hands quicker, it was a welcome opportunity to get out of the house. This also brings us closer to our daydream of having a local soap delivery service for fun. Coincidentally, the online store platform we use just started offering local delivery checkout options, which I'll be looking in to enabling.

We wish good health and joy for all. ❤️


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