Vanilla - Unrelated to Soap

Vanilla - Unrelated to Soap

Last fall we decided to make vanilla from scratch for the first time, continuing a trend to slowly make everything we can for ourselves from scratch. 

The results have been so amazing that we’re kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner. 

The first batch was made at the beginning of December, with roughly 15 beans and 24 ounces of vodka. 2 months later it turned into the most intense vanilla we’ve ever smelled or tasted.

We already started a second batch, and with luck it’ll be ready by the time we run out of the first one. 

If that weren’t enough, we just learned that you can also extract vanilla using bourbon, for a more complex flavor. That’ll be one of our weekend projects.

If anyone’s interested in making it, we bought the beans for the first batch online from Beanilla, the second from Costco (from what I read online they’re pretty decent). There are tons of simple instructions online everywhere that describe the process better than I could.

If you use vanilla you have to try making it. 5 beans and 8 oz of vodka will cost you around $24, and is around half the cost of any store brand per ounce. And for a better product, too.

All you need is patience!

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  • shortshanks - February 02, 2023

    Hi! Jon & Debra,

    Home made vanilla results in a delightfully rich, deep flavor!! Brewing our own for ages – fun to share w. friends. The initial $ of beans & liquor may seem high but ultimately, literally a fraction of the cost of a tiny bottle from the store. =:-o Plus you have control over ingredients, processing, etc. Ever try it w. regular or spiced rum? Mmmm!!! The fragrance alone will elicit a happy dance! lol!! Really enjoy your blogs, soap related or other. ☺

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